Ultimate Secure Cash

The anonymous cryptocurrency with stealth address technology, allows you to create secure untraceable transaction.

Ultimate Secure Cash

USC is a secure , nearly instant cryptocurrency. It will pays very big role in the business world and that it also should play a very big role in the world of cryptocurrencies.

After watching many many coins, we noticed a trend creating basic coin without any special function. Those kind of coins wont bring any innovation to the world of crypto currencies. Ultimate Secure Cash (USC) has its own local community that will support its liquidity. Premine and PoW block created for our angel investors which is generally will become our main supporters.

We created a completely risk free coin because we hedge coin value in some big local companies . Instead of contributing all coins right in the beginning, we choose to distribute USC by working closely with big companies . Our goal is it to avoid an instant dump, instead creating bigger and bigger attention with the target to grow a bigger and bigger community.


Reason why USC

AlgorithmPoS ( Scrypt )
Total Coins200, 084, 200
Total Coins Premine + PoW blocks19%
Blocktime60 seconds
Difficulty re-targetingEvery block
Nominal stake interestFirst year 12% / year, Second year onward 6% yearly
Min transaction fee0.0001USC fees are paid to miners
Confirmation 10, maturity500
Min stake age8 hours , no max age

Project Roadmap

Our upcoming projects continue on that journey of providing great software that does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

March - May

  • USC Launch
  • Block Explorer
  • Android offline wallet
  • Enter few open exchangers
  • Coinpayment integration
  • Web Wallet
  • Mac Wallet

May - July

  • IOS wallet
  • Merchant adaption (website & apps )
  • Launch of community rewards for different tasks like merchants introducer
  • Core Upgrade *Segwit implementation

Buy / Sell

USC Coin can be purchased from most major alt-coin exchanges – using Bitcoin, Currencies, and other Coins